This is not that easy as you may think. One way or another, but being an eco-activist means being “green” in his/her every inch, even regarding music! Thus, we share playlist that calls out to the global issues and encourages to be environmentally tolerant.


1. Tom Lehrer: ‘Pollution’ (1965)

Ironical, but hard words of truth that run through the lyrics touch upon the sorrowful topic of pollution. The singer laughably pokes fun at the example of America, how ecosystems and thus even people are exposed to the worst effects of industrial and technological progress. To get into the mood of the song it is even better to watch Tom's performance where he even coughs at the end of the song, advising not to drink the water and to breathe the air!

2. Michael Jackson “Earth song”

The composition is one of several Jackson songs that focus on human rights, and the environmental issues. The singer reveals himself as a humanist and passionately asks about the future an apathetic and selfish humanity that only cares about itself. Not so many answers, but a lot of questions posed to people who created everything bad and good that tears the world apart and makes it weep from suffering from anthropogenic influence.

3. Bob Dylan: ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’ (1962)

Bob was sure the song would nor exist: he used to say that the lyrics were created from the first lines of songs he thought he would never have time to write. ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’ is about “sad forests” and “dozen dead oceans” that make a person feel that there are fatal outcomes if humanity does not change its attitude towards the Earth and nature.

4. Marvin Gaye: ‘Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)’ (1971)

This is considered to be the most popular eco-song, sometimes being called “poignant anthem of sorrow for the environment”. Despite the catchy soul beats and major music theme, the lyrics calls to how ecology has changed with times: “poison is the wind that blows” and “animals and birds who live nearby are dying”.

5. Louis Armstrong: ‘What A Wonderful World’ (1967)

The artist sings about the colors of nature that are so unspoiled and naïve in front of the human rage towards the Earth's gifts, thus making us think where we are going and what really matters and is worth saving.

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